Bright Botanical Lemonade
Bright Botanical Lemonade
Bright Botanical Lemonade
Bright Botanical Lemonade
A Lemonade for Lemonade Lovers

Crisp and clean,
simple yet sophisticated.

We’re bringing fresh flavor back to the lemonade category with natural ingredients and botanical twists.

Less Sugar, Unique Flavors, Specialized Process, No Artificial Anything
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Bursting with Fresh Squeezed Taste

See How We Turned Lemons Into Lemonade, Literally

We took a lemon piece of land and made lemonade, literally. The smallest property for sale in Detroit was perched upon a hill and covered in weeds, completely undesirable despite its location on the city’s most popular path.

Complete with a bucket and pulley system to overcome the height challenge, we sent our delicious lemonade down to customers passing by. Before we knew it, we were distributing our beverage to lemonade lovers across the country.

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