Remember those warm, sunny days, playing outside and running in to quench your thirst with a cold glass of lemonade? We do too. We took that same lemonade and made it better. We’ve found a perfect balance of sweet and tart, bottling that fresh taste without any artificial ingredients.

Bea's Squeeze took your favorite childhood lemonade and made it better, and even made it better for you, too.

We’ve created

lemonade as it should be.



Just like our lemonade stand, we’ve bottled childhood nostalgia with a modern twist. By using natural ingredients free from any artificial flavors or preservatives, our lemonade will taste fresher than you ever remembered. No need to hide behind sugary substitutes: we’re using pure cane sugar, and we’re using 1/3 less than the leading brand so that you can taste the delicious, real lemons. We’ve created lemonade as it should be, lemonade that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Fresh and floral is

the new pair you never knew you needed.


We gave the classic pink lemonade a modern twist for modern times. The sweet floral notes of rose combined with the tartness of the lemon complement each other in the most subtle, satisfying way. Just one sip of our pink rose lemonade will have you dreaming of warm summer days spent in the garden.

We’ve captured
that fresh squeezed taste
and bottled it
for you to enjoy
anytime, anywhere.

Not only does our lemonade taste better,
it’s better for you, too.

*compared to the leading brands

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